How To Silence Notifications On Iphone For One Person

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How To Silence Notifications On Iphone For One Person. Enable the toggle next to do not disturb. Leave them under your contacts and then click the do not disturb when you click on the info of their text message.

How to quickly silence notifications on iPhone The Clare
How to quickly silence notifications on iPhone The Clare from

If the share focus status on your iphone is not working or appears greyed out, you must enable the share across devices setting under settings > focus. Now go back to settings > privacy > focus and make sure shared with messages is toggled on. To do so, press the side button (sleep/wake button) or either of the volume buttons.

Switch Back Them To The Default Ringtone During The Day.

On the next screen, select the ‘apps’ tab at the top and then tap on the ‘+ add’ button under the ‘allowed apps’ section. Tap and select the app you wish to whitelist for the selected focus mode. To silence notifications using do not disturb mode, go to settings > focus > do not disturb.

Enable The Toggle Next To Do Not Disturb.

When switched on, it silences notifications from all apps and people not on the list of people and apps allowed for the current focus selection. If someone calls you twice within three minutes, the second call isn't silenced. Tap the arrow next to the contact's name.

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The ring/silent switch is a useful way to silence notifications on the phone. (for versions earlier than ios 15, you'll see a. In the iphone, you can get notifications without being disturbed.

Leave Them Under Your Contacts And Then Click The Do Not Disturb When You Click On The Info Of Their Text Message.

Launch the messages app on your iphone or ipad. I want to disable notifications for everyone but i want to let them through for one certain person. Actually, do not disturb is indeed your solution as it blocks all notifications except the calls which you specifically allow.

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The ring/silent switch can be used to silence notifications on the app. How to silence notifications on iphone for one person from Tap on the ‘apps’ section under ‘allowed notifications’ at the top of the screen.

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